About Karen Yellowtail

Be careful who you go looking for…

Sometimes grief can be so overwhelming it destroys your life – and everyone else’s. Secrets, lies, murder and revenge combine to make this a summer from hell for Navajo homicide detective, Karen Yellowtail.

What would it take for you to face up to your darkest fear?

About the author: A former journalist who has worked in TV and print media as well as writing for a global news agency (her work has been published in the USA, the UK and Europe and Australia), Basia J Wolf has interviewed everyone from General Kalashnikov to David Bowie. Her interests include books (everything Truman Capote), music, film, The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, Ashley Callingbull (the inspiration behind Karen Yellowtail) and the innate, empathetic skills of The Blacklist actor Amir Arison. Not necessarily in that order.

The artwork in the header is by Kristin Lebovitz. I am happy to credit any other artwork used, please leave a comment.

All content on this website is copyright of BJ Wolf and may not be reproduced or copied without permission. © BJ Wolf

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