Land of singing water, whispering tree

There were those who said that there was magic in the land, but it went deeper and further than that; there was something that was part of the air, it was in the red earth, it was in the sky; something electrically charged, the energy of something that was alive, a force that took great heaving gulps and blew them down your throat and up your nose and into your brain while the heart pumped the mystery around the veins and into every cell.

Sigurdsson had never felt any place like it before. It rattled him at the same time as it energized him, giving him a head full of intangible dreams and he didn’t know why. It was all part of the beautiful mystery of the land and the crystal nights and the soft mornings with shades of shadows he never knew existed.


Photo  © Lubomira Soroko 2015. May not be used without permission. Website here


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