Basia J Wolf



November 2015

Give me your heart

Even though you can see them coming, you are never completely ready when the bad moments hit…

Do you know how to confess? Benny Reza has a gift. What scares you, you keep inside, you let it constrict your heart and choke your soul. But you guard it, in fear, misplaced loyalty, and what you think is love. But if you give your damaged heart to Reza, if you trust him with it, he can make it breathe again.

There is no one quite like Benny Reza. Karen Yellowtail is on a learning curve in The Summer of the Witch, the first in the new crime thriller series by BJ Wolf.




A little bit of heartache never hurt anyone?

The human heart is a curious thing. A miraculous piece of bodily engineering, its muscular rhythm keeping time with all the minutes and hours, days and seasons. And years. Karen already knew it was possible to take a big punch to the heart and survive, and her heart had taken more than one direct hit in its lifetime. But the heart never lies. It cannot commit treason, unlike the mind, the ultimate trickster. Even though it has the ability to roll with the punches, the heart is desperately fragile. Sometimes it can be split wide open, so much so, that nothing can  heal it ever again.

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