The Angel Maker

The media, notably the tabloids, give nicknames to Serial Killer cases: The Boston Strangler, The Zodiac Killer, the Son of Sam, The Killer Clown, the Night Stalker. Occasionally, law enforcement agencies such as the FBI will hand down monikers, the most notable being The Unabomber.

During four days in July, on the Navajo Reservation, a new name emerged. The Angel Maker. But finding out who is responsible for the worst homicides that Detective Karen Yellowtail has ever seen, is not so black and white. Serial killers and the nastiest twist ever coming soon. Lock your doors.

The Uncanny Valley

The uncanny valley – often described as the sense of unease that accompanies the sight of something almost, but not quite, human. It’s all in the eyes: dead, lifeless eyes in something that moves and/or acts like a human being. Robots, zombies, vampires, dolls. And serial killers.

Meet the Angel Maker

Art by Razvan Sedekiah

Art by Razvan Sedekiah