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March 2015

UNknown SUBject – a confession

“My daddy had the same sickness. He said it was a blood sickness and it comes on slow, like slick, slow poison and it starts in the heart, and the heart it pumps that sickness in the blood, into every cell, into every place. You can try and fight it, but it’s overpowering. I wake in the night and everything’s on fire; my head, my body, the world. Even the air shakes with it. I have been angry for so long, but there’s a light you know, up ahead, I’ve seen it. Once I get my revenge, maybe, just maybe, it will all end.”

“And what if it doesn’t? What if the fire is still raging? If it’s a sickness, like you say, it won’t go away. What will you do then?”

“What would you do?”

“I’d keep on going until the fire burned me to the ground.”


Serial Killer by MD Art


UNknown SUBject

Does it run in the blood, does it burn in the veins? This factor X. Does it pound away at the skull, does it create a vortex of rage in the brain? This factor X. What makes one man turn away and the other turn to violence? That Federal agent on the TV, he said that I was a mission based killer and that I would not stop killing. He was right. I do have a mission. And a destiny to fulfill. And I will not commit treason against my own heart.

I’m coming for you, Karen

Art by Razvan Sedekiah
Art by Razvan Sedekiah

In the spirit of California

Photo courtesy of Susanna Feldman © Quote courtesy of Terry Pratchett
Photo courtesy of Susanna Feldman ©
Quote courtesy of Terry Pratchett

This book is dedicated to the spirit of Ron ‘California’ Williams; for everything you were and always will be.

Happy Nowruz 2015

Nowruz Mobarak to all my Persian friends and readers, from Tehran to Tehrangeles, and everywhere in between! Special Agent Benny Reza says: Sad saal be in Saal-ha!


Tyler Peyron & Melodic Soul

No secret this is one of Karen Yellowtail’s favorite artists.

Damn, I love Tyler Peyron’s music. This is old school, old cool, hip hop sly. Why he isn’t a gobal superstar using Grammys for paperweights I will never ever understand…

Game On…

Everyone has their weakness. Everyone’s been played. Hostage. Kidnapper. Victim. Killer. To beat the system, you have to become the system. The cops think it’s Stockholm Syndrome; the Feds aren’t so sure. But is it really Lima?

Now who’s playing whom?

The Summer of the Witch – A Detective Karen Yellowtail novel – coming soon

Still from Lima Syndrome by Dizzy Stylz
Still from Lima Syndrome by Dizzy Stylz

Are we in Stockholm or Lima?

Someone’s got a Syndrome, but which one? Or is Karen Yellowtail just being played?

Special Agent Benny Reza thinks so.

train_station_graffiti_by_kurothedarknessfox-d83ra9v (1)

Image by KuroTheDarknessFox

The man from Tehrangeles

Sometimes a character shows up and he won’t leave. No matter how much you turn back to the script, he won’t go. He runs riot in your perfectly planned plot. He sneers at your carefully manicured characterization, he laughs in the face of your protests.

What this gatecrasher does is grab that plot by the nape of the neck and shake it up good. It was never really a party until he showed up.

This is what happened with Special Agent Benny Reza, just a nice Jewish-Persian boy from Tehrangeles.

Robert Mueller

Image courtesy of The FBI

All Bets Are Off

It is said that most human experiences are shared. That we don’t have to walk too far to find ourselves in someone else’s shoes. The only thing that differentiates one experience from another is our perception of events.

What drives one man to serve and protect can drive another to maim and destroy. One trigger. One irreversible situation, one moment of desperation. What do you turn it into? Who do you stand with? What do you see? Who are you?

Are you Karen Yellowtail? Special Agent Sal Fontaine? The Unsub?

Three lives. One tragedy.

Roll the dice…

Coming soon: The Summer of the Witch by BJ Wolf
Coming soon: The Summer of the Witch by BJ Wolf

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