Those of you who follow Detective Karen Yellowtail and her music choices (which, by the way, is music to write crime fiction novels by), already know that Karen stands for integrity, protection, dedication and pride. The music that she listens to is the same. It’s rebel heart, kick-ass warrior, true pride. Which leads me neatly on to Good Shield Aguilar.

Good Shield Aguilar is of Oglala Lakota and Pasqua Yaqui origin. He has been a visual artist as long as he can remember, but discovered music as a teenager and he has made music and art a grounding point from which cultural identity could be expressed and environmental causes could be addressed, particularly with the Yellowstone Buffalo.

Aguilar has worked with a host of Native American musicians and poets; from wordsmith/musician/rebel heart John Trudell to Mignon Geli on Native Flute and Johnnie Martinez on drums. He continues to work with Native rock band Walan Amana and with the Good Shield Aguilar 7th Generation Rise.

So, what is on Karen’s playlist? This powerful anthem to the wisdom of the buffalo. As of today, 410 buffalo have been slaughtered in Yellowstone this winter alone. The history of the buffalo is wound tight in the hearts and traditions of Native Americans. Please join Goodshield Aguilar and the Buffalo Field Campaign to stop the slaughter of Yellowstone’s wild buffalo herd, protect the natural habitat of wild free-roaming buffalo and native wildlife, and to work with people of all Nations to honor the sacredness of the wild buffalo.