As those of you who have followed me since the very beginning are aware, the working title for the first Detective Karen Yellowtail novel was Fields of the Seraphim (which for those of you up on obscure British Goth rock bands, you will know it’s a play on words).

However, this has always been a working title. Now, I can reveal to you the real one – The Summer of the Witch. This will be the first book in a trilogy of Karen Yellowtail novels featuring Special Agent Sal Fontaine. The trilogy will be entitled This Glittering World. This is a translation of the Navajo term for the world in which we live and because of its ‘glamour’ (the original meaning of the word, not the Hollywood version) is by far the most dangerous of all the worlds the Navajo have inhabited.

Right now, I’m in the throes of a lot of very exciting changes to the plot. New characters have arrived and have demanded their voices be heard. Karen Yellowtail’s social conscience becomes much more evident, with her open support of Nihígaal bee Iiná.

Thank you for your continued support and words of encouragement. This is going to be the year of Karen Yellowtail.


PS: Just a little thank you to Angela Bell and Ira Vandever. They know who they are.


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