A Tribe Called Red

Music is a huge inspiration while writing scenes with different characters. Who inspires me the most when I am writing scenes and dialogue featuring the heroine of the novel, Detective Karen Yellowtail of the Navajo Department of Criminal Investigations? Nataanii Means, Tyler Peyron and these guys, A Tribe Called Red.

Mixing cutting edge electronic music with traditional pow wow vocals and drumming, they’ve come to represent the musical heart and soul of what it means to be Karen Yellowtail. Lately favorite tracks include The Road (the video of which is posted below) and Burn Your Village To The Ground, featuring a sample of Wednesday Addams’ Thanksgiving speech from the movie Addams Family Values.


Karen Yellowtail stands for integrity, protection, dedication and pride. The music that she listens to is the same. It’s rebel heart, kick-ass warrior, true pride.


Contact A Tribe Called Red – Website Twitter

Contact Nataanii Means – Twitter

Contact Tyler Peyron – Facebook


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