Mechelle Morgan Flowers is a nurse and healer at the Tsehootsooi Medical Center near Window Rock, on the Navajo Reservation. She unites and heals people, physically and spiritually. Says Mechelle: “We will be hosting our 4th Gathering in Window Rock, AZ. It will begin on Thursday Aug 6th with a Traditional Hogan Blessing. (Meet at the front entrance of the Tsehootsooi Medical Center in Ft Defiance, AZ.) Friday and Saturday Aug 7-8th, we will have all day speakers, drumming, vendors, energy work tables, and much more. All are invited to come. Everyone is a Healer. Registration will be $20 per person. We are asking for art to be donated to raise funds via raffle. We are asking for monetary donations to help with cost of the Event.”



If you would like to attend her Gathering of the Healers 2015 event, here are the contact details:

Gathering of Healers Facebook



Also, the Tsehootsooi Medical Centre is on a recruitment drive for experienced nurses. 

For more details go to Facebook or the website