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September 2014

The Trees of Life

For a while now, I have been a supporter of the Friends of Pine Ridge, a donation-driven group who help provide a lifeline to the people of the Pine Ridge Reservation. Christmas presents, winter fuel, baby clothes, shoes for the children, blankets and food for the homeless, these are all donated by kind and loving people in the US and across the globe.

Pine Ridge has many needs, too many to list here and too many social problems that cannot be addressed on this blog. But one of the biggest problems on the rez is the lack of fresh, locally grown food from sustainable sources. Friends of Pine Ridge have decided, with the help of an online nursery, to provide fruit and nut trees for the reservation, which must be planted in November. The benefits of this would be long-term and hugely beneficial.

Please, please donate a tree. You will not be just donating healthy food, you will be donating roots,   you will be donating pride, you will be donating a lifeline. Friends of Pine Ridge have a list of trees: just click their links and Stark Bro’s will do all the hard work. Click here

Mitakuye oyasin

BJ Wolf




Shana Tova!

Happy Rosh Hashana to all my readers and friends who celebrate: I wish you a sweet and peaceful New Year. Begin 5775 with beauty


The Navajo Nation Gathering of Healers

Mechelle Morgan Flowers is a nurse and healer at the Tsehootsooi Medical Center near Window Rock, on the Navajo Reservation. She unites and heals people, physically and spiritually. Says Mechelle: “We will be hosting our 4th Gathering in Window Rock, AZ. It will begin on Thursday Aug 6th with a Traditional Hogan Blessing. (Meet at the front entrance of the Tsehootsooi Medical Center in Ft Defiance, AZ.) Friday and Saturday Aug 7-8th, we will have all day speakers, drumming, vendors, energy work tables, and much more. All are invited to come. Everyone is a Healer. Registration will be $20 per person. We are asking for art to be donated to raise funds via raffle. We are asking for monetary donations to help with cost of the Event.”



If you would like to attend her Gathering of the Healers 2015 event, here are the contact details:

Gathering of Healers Facebook



Also, the Tsehootsooi Medical Centre is on a recruitment drive for experienced nurses. 

For more details go to Facebook or the website




Killing Wolves

Wolves change rivers, wolves are part of the ecosystem. Mankind is really trying to destroy himself by destroying the ecosystem

Howling For Justice

Earth Island Journal Stands Up For WolvesEarth Island Journal Stands Up For Wolves

Summer is almost over and instead of wolves being allowed to raise their young pups in peace they’re being subjected to pain, suffering and death because wolf hunting season is upon them once more.  This will be the fourth wolf hunt in Montana and Idaho, there would have been five but Judge Molloy relisted wolves in the Northern Rockies in 2010, stopping the fall hunt. It was a short-lived victory because Senate Democrats passed a wolf delisting rider (with no judicial review) in the Spring of 2011. The rider was sneakily tacked onto a budget bill and all Democrat Senators, save three, voted for it. Obama signed it into law, effectively ending the ability of advocates to fight the delisting in court.

Here are the links to  fish and game agencies who promote and profit off the killing of wolves for sport.  The Idaho…

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Mascot-free zone

From Amanda Blackhorse via Facebook


Not your mascot
Not your mascot

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