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July 2014

I just had to – Karen Yellowtail would approve (thanks to a Tribe Called Red for this)

Just say no to cultural appropriation
Just say no to cultural appropriation













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The clan continues to grow

Karen Yellowtail now has readers in 31 countries around the world, from Brazil to Japan baby (and everywhere inbetween!).

I’d like to welcome all new readers in the Dominican Republic, Moldova, Romania, Chile, Argentina, Spain and Burkina Faso, thank you for joining the Karen Yellowtail clan. Top clan bases are in the USA, the UK, New Zealand and Russia.

Thank you everyone for your support. The Fields of the Seraphim and Karen Yellowtail is coming soon!

Window Rock AZ, home of Karen Yellowtail. Photo by Bill Freeman
Window Rock AZ, home of Karen Yellowtail. Photo by Bill Freeman

Karen Yellowtail likes this

From Twitter with endless thanks

419 there’s a killer on the line…

4,1,9 there’s a killer on the line

the dead girl screaming

she ran out of time;

the bodies pile high

people askin’ why

Det. Karen Yellowtail

gonna make that killer cry.



Jack and Jill went up the hill

but Jill she never came down

Jack is sick, he’s a psycho dick

she’s floating, yeah she’s drowned.


Ring-a-ring of roses

the smell of death you know is

the worst of all

its cloying pall

sticks inside your noses.

fbi badge gun









Thanks to Lee Lofland for the fun inspiration.

The Fields of the Seraphim, a Detective Karen Yellowtail novel, by BJ Wolf, is due to be published later this year.





Happy Independence Day

Karen Yellowtail has readers in 28 countries around the world, but the majority of them are in the USA.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me (and Karen!) in this exciting journey and wish you a happy, peaceful 4th of July!


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