Basia J Wolf



May 2014

Unsub Territory part 2

“Are you saying that there is a serial killer at large in the region?” “We have, yes, classified these actions as the work of a serial killer. We do not believe these are his first killings. We have identified him as a male between the ages of twenty five and thirty five. He is an organized killer, he has planned his killings down to the last letter and he is ruthless. He is charming and sociable, he has probably offered all these women, all of whom were tourists here, some help. This is how he gains instant trust. By giving his time, his word; we would go so far as to say that he is a very intelligent person with an aura of being trustworthy.” “Does the FBI believe in skinwalkers?” asked a journalist. From The Summer of the Witch by BJ Wolf. All rights reserved ©


Who Is Karen Yellowtail?

Name: Karen Yellowtail

Age: None of your business

Hometown: Window Rock, AZ

Type of neighborhood: the Rez

Job: Homicide Detective

Strongest Personality Trait: Compassion

Strongest Negative Personality Trait: Distrustful

Temper: It depends who’s pushing the buttons

How other people see her: Independent, loyal, beautiful

Opinion of herself: Confident in her abilities

Philosophy of life: Live and let live


Most important thing to know about Karen: Not to be under-estimated

Who is Karen Yellowtail? She is the voice of the voiceless, the defender of the weak and a kick-ass Native American woman.

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